Unique Rotating Heads Should Make Installation Quick and Easy

In a press release today Atlantic Ultraviolet announced their new Bio-Logic water filtration and purification system called  Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™.  The specs look promising, and expectations are high do to the effective and long lasting products Atlantic Ultraviolet have released in the past like the high capacity SANITRON® water purifiers.

The Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™ features rotatable heads and a custom mounting bracket that should make installing this system under a kitchen sink or counter quick and easy.


  • Sturdy 5-micron sediment filter traps particles (dirt, sand, silt) for visually clear water appearance
  • Carbon filter reduces chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), and pesticides ridding water of unwanted tastes and odors
  • Perfect for apartment, townhomes, condos, recreational vehicles, boats, laboratories, vending machines, and countless other installations when processing small amounts of water ensuring it is pure and disinfected is key.
  • Ultraviolet purification chamber uses germicidal UVC Ster-L-Ray® lamps to eradicate virtually all virus, bacteria, and fungus for sterilized water
  • Compact footprint require minimal space
  • Type 316 stainless steel water purifier chamber, electropolished and passivated for durability
  • Exclusive Easy-Off ™ End Cap for effortless lamp change
  • Stainless Steel Mounting bracket included for easier install to secure surface
  • Equipped with lead-free faucet in chrome finish, and installation kit

Click here to read the whole press release from Atlantic Ultraviolet.

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